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Our Super Junior program is designed specifically for children ages 10-13 years old. Your child will train with other children in their age group, allowing them to feel comfortable and more capable of achieving excellence in a fun and safe learning environment. Throughout each class, we focus on character development skills such as manners, discipline, and respect for others as well as developing better balance, coordination, and overall fitness.


Participation in the Super Junior program benefits the child’s classroom experience by developing social skills, classroom manners, and leadership skills.

Classes are offered for the Super Junior program 4 days per week with each class lasting 45 minutes; we recommend that each student attends 2-3 classes per week.


Students begin by learning the basic stances, blocks, strikes, kick, and escape skills. At each belt level, students are introduced to new material which builds off of previously learned techniques. Your child will have the opportunity to test for a new rank four to six times per year.  Each week in the training cycle has a specific training theme. The weekly themes include memory, coordination, teamwork, and many others. Students earn 4 curriculum stripes on each belt for learning specific techniques.  They also must earn 4 character stripes from parents to be eligible for testing! The success of your child in our program is dependent on consistent training and focus on their goal to earn their BLACK BELT!


We use a few minutes in each class to do an interactive leadership mat chat. Each week there is a different topic for instructors to discuss with students. Students enjoy participating in these motivating conversations about:


  • Respect - treating others as you want to be treated

  • Discipline - Doing the right thing regardless if you want to or not

  • Integrity - Doing what is right when no one is looking

  • Courage - Getting out of comfort zones and doing things that make us grow as a person


Studies show that a good martial arts program can improve your child’s grades. Consistent training twice a week allows children to get necessary exercise to not only stay healthy, but also to “get their energy out” in order to focus better on school and homework. Here are a few benefits from training in our Junior Warriors classes:


Focus - Whether a child is punching a pad or breaking a board, he or she must have a tremendous amount of focus in our classes.


Memorization - Our program teaches forms (a series of moves that students memorize). These patterns require students to remember specific techniques in a specific order. The memorization skills developed in martial arts can help children as they prepare for tests in school.


Discipline - While our classes are high energy and motivating, they are also controlled and very focused on respectful behavior. Improved behavior in Martial Arts class often translates into improved behavior at school. Improved behavior at school often translates into improved grades.


Goal setting - There are many opportunities for goal setting in our classes. Leadership is the pillar of our curriculum- we put a high priority on setting and sticking to goals. This teaches children to work toward the achievement of a goal.


We would love to offer your child a FREE trial membershio to make sure our academy is the right fit for your family and to ensure your child is going to enjoy taking class. Call to schedule your FIRST trial class today!!! We look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to work with your child in the future!

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