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Founded in 1995, Myers Martial Arts Academy is a modern martial arts training center offering programs for students of all ages.


Classes are specifically structured for each age group for maximum results and enjoyment. Each 12 week training cycle focuses on one of our 4 core tenets: RESPECT, DISCIPLINE, INTEGRITY, and COURAGE.

Our Instructors are dedicated to continually bettering themselves, and in turn, the other students of the academy.


There are 6 Levels of the Instructor Program. At each level, instructors get more responsibility and experience in teaching this art. Our instructors are trained to work with students and to help them achieve their goals.


In Leadership and Instructor Training Seminars, Instructors have a chance to hone their skills through different exercises, role-play drills, and seminar based teaching. Our staff is trained to motivate students of all ages, ranks, and fitness levels. Call to schedule your free trial membership and see why our academy is the area's BEST martial arts program!

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